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2017. augusztus 28., hétfő

Chopard Happy Spirit Amira D'amour


Chopard launches a new limited edition of its Happy Spirit fragrance
from 2007 for the Middle East. Happy Spirit Amira d Amour is out in
spring 2015 as a rich and sophisticated fragrance that celebrates the
eternal love and romance.
“The last rays of light caress the golden dunes. The sky is melting into
a velvet curtain of deep purple. Night slowly descends on the desert
and a soft breeze brushes against her skin, arousing a shiver of
anticipation down her spine. Scented with the sweet flowers and honey,
the wind is full of untold promises, carrying a stirring feeling of joy
and delight. It speaks of a romantic meeting still to come, of the
melding of two hearts. It calls to her, whispering her secret name,
Creation of this oriental - floral fragrance is signed by perfumer
Jean-Christophe Herault.

The composition opens with spicy pink pepper,
which leads to the floral heart of jasmine and orange blossom. The rich
and warm base includes notes of honey and tonka bean.
“Happy Spirit Amira d Amours bottle is a tribute to Chopard’s
jewelry-making tradition and know-how. Conceived by Patrick Veillet, it
perfectly symbolizes what Amira d Amour is about. Shaped as two
interlocking hearts, the unique flacon is made of heavy glass. Its
vibrant, intense purple tint evokes the fragrance s nocturnal
sensuality. The matching faceted stones on the stopper were inspired by
the shape of a Chopard toi et moi ring. Their velvety depths are
artfully emphasized by the surrounding golden band, a symbol of eternal

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